"I was dreaming of a workshop where the artist would be the client. Thanks to L’atelier de Leo, the dream became a reality." (Raphaèle Geismar).

Having the idea of the perfect gift, without knowing where to find it, probably happened to you. Or wanting to buy an accessory that would be unique, but thinking that everything looks alike.

This is exactly why L'atelier de Leo was born, to change things, and to offer you the opportunity to express your creativity. Its time to have fun and imagine accessories to your image!

You are about to create something unique, customized and exclusive.

My 3 commitments to you


Each piece of fabric is of high quality, very resistant, generally made from green products and bought in local stores, in Canada. L'atelier de Leo is an eco-friendly company.


Your accessories are made by hand and with love in Montreal. I am personally committed to make them exactly as you imagine they will look like when receiving them at home.


The creative process is as playful and easy as pie. You’ll see your accessory take shape as you choose the format and the fabrics. Welcome to your workshop!

The hands and heart of L'atelier de LEO

My name is Raphaèle, I am the founder of L’atelier de Leo. You will find me amongst the sewing machines, the delicate prints fabrics and original patterns.

In life, there are two things that I love above all: my family and my work. Whether it’s about new designs to create or activities to do with my relatives, every day is an adventure.

I am a creative person, who likes large spaces, simmered cooking, travel stories or Sunday brunchs with friends.

This Website is not only the achievement of a dream, but also the result of a ten-year experience. I like to believe that every client who creates his accessory with me considers that L’atelier de Leo is also his workshop. This is why I am very happy to share it with you!

Welcome to YOUR workshop.
Welcome to L’atelier de Leo.

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